If you want to run a successful viral marketing campaign, use visually appealing tools like videos. Ensure that your video clips match your brand perfectly and that they are informative, humorous and engaging. As you continue to upload extra videos, your target audience will always come back for more. In return, you will broaden your exposure and increase your brand’s popularity. To make your campaigns so successful, make good use of the following secrets. 

Secret 1: Keep your videos relevant, authentic and transparent

When creating a suitable marketing video, ensure that it suits the kind of business you do. Secondly, make sure that you are totally authentic and clear. Go straight to the goal you want to achieve via the video. If you are selling a product or service, be transparent and clear about it. It is also wise to carry out prior research to avoid looking confused or as if you don’t know what you are talking about.

Secret 2:  Make short, concise, high-quality videos

Internet surfers allot limited attention to things they can come across. They filter through video content to get the most relevant information. If a video clip is too long, they might get bored. A short video that is preferably less than five minutes is the best. Viewers will hardly get distracted. Although a short video is great, you must ensure that it has good quality content. If you must host a longer video, see to it that it is extremely engaging and attractive to watch. Alternatively, break a long video into many clips that people could watch in segments.

Secret 3: Create a landing page with a video and a sign-up form for your email list

Video marketing will be more helpful and lucrative if you get new email list subscribers. The first thing you should do is to use a tool like HubSpot to create a suitable landing page with an embedded video. Prior to viewing the video, make sure that potential viewers sign up first via a web form attached to the landing page. As they sign up, you will be able to send them other videos and content. It is also imperative to use a tracking software tool that will let you know the number of viewers you received per day, week or month. It should also show when the viewers watched your videos and from which location. This can boost your video marketing efforts a lot and leap forward your inbound marketing efforts. 

Secret 4: Be a responsive video marketer

Once your videos are watched, expect to receive both comments and questions. If you discover that people are asking the same type of questions, dedicate one video that will provide answers.  A video like this is likely to be watched more than your website’s Frequently Asked Questions page can be read. Each video should have a comment section where viewers can place their thoughts and remarks. Always make time to respond and to keep the discussions going and interesting.

Secret 5: Include a Call to Action

Video marketing can be more helpful if you use it to sell something. You can’t expect all viewers to have the same kind of reaction. Some will be so thrilled and convinced that they will want to order your product or service right away. A single sentence encouraging them to take the action is very imperative. There will be others who will want more information. A tool like HubSpot will help you track the buyer’s journey and accordingly make the right offer.


To achieve optimal success from your video marketing, follow all the above-mentioned practices. In addition, consider making and sharing videos often. Place social media buttons on your landing page so that people could further distribute them. Place links to your videos on your blog and social media profiles. The more the reach , the better it is for your video marketing campaign.

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